shock value

Came across this top on I DONT LIKE MONDAYS (great e-shop, if you haven't checked it out yet, I suggest you should!) and it got me thinking about these shock value tees. I could totally see it being rocked on some too-cool chick with a goddamn black fedora and some shiny AA leggings, doc martens included. I'd half roll my eyes, half be like damn shorty. On the one hand I think this top is kind of badass (seriously, what naked boobie top isn't?), but on the other hand I don't think I'd ever be able to wear it. I think I'd feel exposed, maybe? I'd always be worried that little kiddles would pass by me on the street and ask their moms/dads what the hell was going on/try to imitate/cry/pick their nose/whatever and I'd feel bad for corrupting their innocent brains. Point of this whole shpeil is: for $98, no thanks. I'd rather buy a $5 oversized white tee and sharpie on some boobs/vag - it'd probably be more ironic/wild/superstarcokebaby anyway.

OR I'd save that $98 and add $166 more and buy this adorable romper and frolick in the fields of...Montreal (????)

currently listening to: She Don't Want a Man - Asher Roth (click the link to this song, it's painfully fun/catchy/great for da gurlz anyway)

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