The Jean Genie

source: Garance Dore
Mixing two different washes of denim stirs up images of light denim mom-bum jeans topped with dark denim jackets, poofy 80s hair (bangs included, obvi) and some sketchy shade of pink lipstick - a definite no-no in my mind (and I hope yours too). Actually, now that I think about it, wearing more than one denim piece has always been kind of "off" in my mind (think: denim suit). But I don't know, seeing this gal look so chic doing it has made me extremely curious about trying it out. Do you think it can be done? or is this woman just magical?

In other news: I'm looking for some good etsy jewelry shops. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Coming up: serious analyzing of the apparent disaster of the majority of red-carpet outfits at the Met Costume Ball., nvm, it's been done far too much already. a post on it would be boring and redundant, i lose.

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christina d said...

i've seen people do it before, it works sometimes. what shocks me about the girl above is that it's two completely different shades of jean. incredible!