These Shoes Aren't Made for Walking

So here's the thing: I love shoes. and by love, I mean LOVE. I can look at shoe porn for hours on end, never even thinking to stop of stopping until I realize it's 4am and I have to wake up at 8:30am, to which I say "okay, 5 more minutes, 5 more minutes!!!!". So HERE is my fucking issue: apparently brands are making less and less small sizes of shoes. When I initially heard this, I scoffed, thought "SUCKS FOR YOU CHICKAS WITH THEM SIZE 4.5 FEET!", and put it way back in the deepest depths of my brain. It was all well and good UNTIL I was lurking childhood flames and fell in love with her Pierre Hardy for Gap 3 strap platform sandals. I immediately went to Gap.com to find that...they were not made in size 36! THAT'S RIGHT, not EVEN made in 36! Tell me world, what the fuck is this shit? Some sort of sick joke? Cause I'm not laughing.

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hwr.mtl said...

pierre hardy for gap??

39 IM IN THE CLEAR sucks lydsss

christina d said...

THAT SUCKS! i sometimes take 36, this aint good.