Let's talk about Balmain

Let's just fucking do it. I get it, it's sort of (okay, really) ridiculous that Balmain can get away with charging over 2k for a pair of acid wash jeans, which, might I add, are sold out on net-a-porter. Here's the truth, though: if I had that kind of money, I'd probably buy them too. Well, maybe not the jeans, but definitely the crystal-embellished canvas jacket which costs $11,410. Seriously, who can bring back the dreaded shoulder-pads AND make them look so good? Decarnin can. There's just something about Balmain's pieces that are so tough, yet overly-embellished and chic all at the same time. And yeah, he may have hardly altered a few of his S/S 09 designs and put them in his F/W 09 show, but it's okay, because apparently he can. Fashion editors, models, socialites, and loaded party-girls alike are eating his shit up -- some are pulling it off (read: Emmanuelle Alt) and some are not (read: Beyonce). I don't know how long the hype will last because Balmain does portray a very specific look/girl/lifestyle, but for now I'm digging on it hard.S/S 09
S/S 09
F/W 09
F/W 09
Aforementioned crystal-embellished jacket

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