I Can't Believe the Things we Say!

In light of my recent (ALMOST DONE) paper on the gorilla biscuits, I semi-appropriately titled this blog "I Can't Believe the Things we Say", because while procrastinating and having fun with that next blog button (It leads you to random blogs...If you haven't tried it out and you're severely bored, I suggest you do!), I could not believe what I found amidst the foreign languaged blogs. I stumbled upon this lovely blog: http://cow-pictures.blogspot.com/. Yes, that's right friends, it's entitled ever-so bluntly: Cow Pictures. And yes, that's right friends, it exclusively has pictures of Cows. Now, I'm quite intrigued by this. Is there truly a group of people out there who are interested in a blog full of cow pictures? Or is it just the author herself? Either way, it's kinda fucked up. Not to mention, the blogger takes the pictures herself! I can only imagine this chick decked out in cow gear, trespassing through fields that lead into farms, and snapping a few picks of Betsy the "Salers Heifer" (I have no idea what that means, but she makes reference to it in her blog...I'm guessing a type of cow), and running away to get off to it beneath the shade of a nearby tree.

Okay, maybe not.

But still...

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