It's been a while...

I don't have any excuses, except that this week was hellish and I spent a decent amount of it in the library. I did, however, make my schedule for next semester, and while it may be kind of shitty on some days (830s on monday, 7-10pm class on wednesdays, etc), it's still kind of awesome because I cannot wait for any of the classes, and I still have no class on fridays.

Moving on to the weekend, last night was meh at best. I've come to the honest conclusion that I should stop anticipating great weekends because they haven't been around since halloween weekend, and maybe the weekend after. I can't decide if I'm bored with this method of partying (house parties where I know maybe 4 people well, shitty beer, beer pong, entrance fees for what'll end up being lame, and then the frat parties which consist of overcrowdedness, obnoxiously drunk people that simply cannot handle their booze, pretentious boys that think they're someone important because they paid to have brothers, etc), or if I'm just missing out on the good stuff because I'm a lowly freshman. Whatever it is, this place is still great, but my amazing weekends are becoming few and far between. 

On another note, a little gory anecdote for you lot: I woke up this morning at 8:20, overheated and dehydrated. I looked around the room searching for any bit of liquid I could pour into my parched mouth, but all I could find was Monesbones's warm sickness-contaminated diet snapple iced tea. The thought alone made me nauseous. So I stumbled out of bed and dizzily walked to the one place I knew I could steal a bottle: Monesbones's room. I snuck in, only to find Favorite wide-awake getting ready for class. I forced out half a smile, and went straight for the bottles. As I reached out for the water, a wave of nausea took hold of my body, and I instantly foresaw what would soon take place. Cupping my mouth with my hand, I spewed, catching every little vomit-covered piece of half digested chicken, and ran over to the overflowing garbage can. Favorite, obviously in complete shock, ran out of the room. Once all was well and done, I physically felt great. In face, I felt better than I had ever felt before on an early friday morning. I grabbed the dirty bin in horror that someone had to witness my display and ran out of the room, apologizing profusely to my dear Favorite. I returned to the room with the clean bucket in hand, chugged a bottle of water and turned on Turner Classic Movies. Half an hour later, the wave of nausea hit me once again. I grabbed the bucket, wondering what exactly I had left in my stomach to give. Turns out, I had nothing to offer except what I had just put in: water! I did my thang and went back to the water bottle to hydrate myself once again. A half hour later, same dealio. This horrible cycle lasted until about 6pm at night. I have no idea what caused it because I had not been very drunk the night before, nor was I actually ill with a fever. I don't think it was food poisoning either considering I had shared all the food that I had eaten. It was very weird and, I'm not gonna lie, I kind of thought I had some weird disease that would kill me later on in the evening. Thankfully, that was not the case, and I am fine. I just thought I'd let you all know about my bleak endeavors of this past day.

I'm outties though,

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