An Unlikely Pair

When I first noticed the sneaker/heel/wedge trend, I was a bit taken aback. In my mind I had always separated SNEAKER and HEIGHT into two very separate categories and the mere thought of a fusion of the two just seemed wrong, wrong, wrong. However...slowly but surely, the idea of this collaboration began to seem all the more appealing. Comfort and height (for my 5'1 self)? Heavenly! but could a fashionable version exist? and then I found it! Very affordable at $59.99 and plain enough to wear with most outfits, the Do-Si-Do Linen Wedge by Keds seemed to fit the bill perfectly.
For spring/summer, I can imagine these shoes being paired with a flirty floral summer dress and a cute little cardigan. Moving into the colder seasons of fall/winter, I picture these going well with black wool tights, a not-too-fitted, but not-too-baggy dress, and a bold capelet.

While I agree this look is not for everyone, I think these Keds are a great, subtle example of this trend, and for a beginner like myself, they're a perfect way to ease into it. On the other hand, I'm not quite ready for these high-heeled sneaker by Ash:
which is why it comes as no surprise to me that they're on sale on Shopbop for the small fee of $49.50, greatly reduced from the original 165$ (I know, I know, the things people get away with these days!)

Lydia S.

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