Signé Chanel

About a month ago I came across an amazing documentary by Loïc Prigent about the Chanel Couture house. The film followed the preparation of the Fall 2004 Haute Couture show at the exquisite Maison du Chanel led by creative genius, Karl Lagerfeld. I’ve always had an appreciation for fashion and the artistic aspect behind it, but I had never been given such an in-depth view at the process, which has now led to an even greater appreciation and increased respect for all of those involved. Watch it here. Loïc Prigent has also made a documentary (though not so readily available on youtube) featuring America’s very own, Marc Jacobs. I have yet to see it, but once I do (and I will, oh, I will), you can expect to hear my thoughts or opinions, maybe both…if you’re lucky.

Lydia S.

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