I have a new found interest in Ellen von Unwerth after a brief visit to her exhibit at the Staley-Wise Gallery in New York. Her photos, provocative or not, seem to have a very unique energy in them that I really appreciate. I've been looking through a few of her books and Couples, the book from which the photo above was taken, is pretty interesting (for lack of a better word). All of the photos feature two subjects - some old, some young, some human, some not. Some stay true to "classic" Unwerth, while others like the photo "Gypsies", featuring two fully-clothed men, explore different territory. I'd recommend taking a look at the book -- your eyes will thank you.

Side note: I changed my banner. The other one was looking a bit dated, so I opted for a more simple, classic one. Whatcha think?

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Zoe said...

I'm a fan of the old one