Magical Mystery Tour

Elle US March 2009
Know when you look at an editorial and you realize a certain song would totally fit perfectly with the images in front of you? tThe Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour had that exact effect on me when I was browsing this Elle editorial. It just clicked. It adds that much more to whatever I'm looking at - almost like a story, or some personality. Anyone else feel me?

Currently Listening to: Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles


Damsels said...

love those pants in the first photo
We Were Damsels

kellina said...

Hi, Lydia, this is so perfect! I have that exact feeling sometimes, that an editorial starts a song in my head. Here's one example:

Carine's editorial
"Love Makes the World Go Round"
reminded me so much of Serge and Brigitte singing "Sea, Sex, and Sun" that I actually had to add a link to the song.