The Beckermans do Florals

Ladies and Gents, I present you with the Beckermans doing florals, flawlessly and originally. This is an accomplishment. If you've heard of the Beckermans or seen their blog, it's surely no news to you that they have fabulous wardrobes and do wondrous things with them (and they photograph it too, so we can get inspired! how kind!). If you haven't seen/heard, I recommend you do so, immediately. There's rarely any text in their blog, aside from a description of what they're wearing and what they would label the "look", so you're basically just checking out some cool chicks with some KEWL style. I'm done with the blabbing though, check out this blog HERE.


Lily said...

The photo with you in the florals is AMAZING! great blog

gnarlyd said...

it's not me! it's one of the Beckerman sisters, hah.