It's funny how things work out...you see, I spent the entire past two days complaining about this history paper I had to do...then I moved on to actually doing it, taking little breaks every half hour or so (you know how it goes), writing basically to fill space and hoping finish the damn thing so I could actually sleep. It's over, done with, I finally get into bed, and GUESS WHAT? Someone can't sleep! It's obviously my luck that the fatigue I'd been feeling all day finally morphed into wiredness at the exact moment that I decided to rest my head on my not-so-comfy-not-so-uncomfy pillows. Interesting stuff. 

I've also been observing my study habits lately, and have come to the realization that when I sit down to study/work I am overcome with serious hunger. I'm talking can't-stop-won't-stop hunger here. Today from 4pm - 12am I ate: cup noodles, many a mini reeses, one easy mac container, 3 bottles of water, a bottle of vitamin water, apple sauce, pringles, a grilled cheese with tomato, cheese fries, and New York style flat bread (with sesame). Now while this may not be much for some, this is a serious amount for me, and it brings me to the question...why? Could it be because my brain is so rarely used that when it gets even remotely worked up it needs fuel (aka food)? or is it because I'm such a severe procrastinator that I subconsciously know that the more food I eat, the more time it takes away from actually doing my work? or maybe I'm so focused on my work that I don't notice how much I'm eating until I'm on the verge of puking in the shower (true story)? I wish I knew the answer to this pressing question on matters that affect my life so dearly, but alas, I do not. 

On a more serious note: 13 days until I go home thanksgiving, siqfuckingdiq! I'm outties, PZ.

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