This blog was supposed to focus purely on fashion, but I'll admit I got pretty lazy, and I figure there are entirely too many of those already out there anyway. So here's the remixed version of La Vie en Clothes. I don't really know what this remix'll be about...the life and times of _____, maybe? Probably. What I do know is that it's 2 am, I have sleeping problems and I'm going to regret this waste of time in the morning. I wish I could say that this blog won't feature any of my nonsensical complaining, but I'll be realistic here and promise you (whoever you may be, of course) that it will, regardless of my initial intentions. I think I'll use this as some sort of notepad, and I'll jot down little things that I think and discover throughout my days. I doubt anything profound will come of it, as I don't plan on solving any of life's mysteries during my time on earth (it hurts my head to think of these uncertainties, and I'd much rather ignore them and enjoy the ride), but maybe one day I'll be able to look back on this and remember what it was like when my biggest problems in life consisted of horrible time-management, awkward eyebrows, and needing doc martens. As a reader (and I'm going to assume you'll most likely be someone I know), you should expect ramblings that will be deleted by the end of the week, pretty pictures, funny pictures, ugly pictures, songs so shitty that they're nothing short of amazing, talk of plans that'll rarely (if ever) come to fruition, rambling, entirely too much swearing, shoe-talk, confusion & uncertainty, and then some...I really should go to sleep now though because if I wake up tomorrow, tired and unable to write this fucking not even hard to write history paper, I may have a heart attack. Given my diet as of late, this'll probably happen anyway though. So with that, I leave you with this lovely video (The Little Ones - Lovers who Uncover (Crystal Castles remix)):


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